Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Can I Do? (From Teacher to Student)

Dear Self,

It is nice to receive your letter on giving time for old commitments and your inability to keep your new commitments that you desire.

I am sure that you will do what is appropriate. My life is very different from normal and it is easy for me to drop everything at anytime if I see greater possibilities by dropping. Droppping all for a greater, requires a lot of courage. I am willing to take a step into the unknown and unproven. I do it easily and that may be my strength.

We also need to continue the old, with people who are trained to do the old. Most people can not cope with all my upgrades. Many are happy with what they have learnt. I understand that. Sometimes brakes are required on me to let me know where the world is. I am always 40 years ahead and see what is required.

I bless you and everyone to be where ever they are. You are required both in the West as well the East. You will keep in touch from now on and progress. I have dropped having to have my organisation, my ashram, my teachers etc..

I can be the person to empower you and not hold you. You can see what to learn and what to apply and where. As long as we are working to make ourselves simple and ample and tune in to the needs of the least fortunate and learn to live happily in the same circumstances available to them, I am sure that you will progress to great heights. We can uplift

We can uplift everyone without causing any jealousy.

Now, I am learning SRI VIDYA. It is the knowledge of seeing God or approaching God through richness. We can make everyone around us wealthy. It starts with offering all of us to the other person. We have to keep this offering open by all those around us. The moment we become self centered, all that we have done is lost, causing envy. We learn to offer better and better things in life as a collective. Our strength naturally grows as we have a large energy coming from a bigger group. We can offer better things tomorow and this is how, the whole world is benefitted.

We will have plenty more as we take responsibility for greater things than before. I am sure that you will follow this route. We have nothing to lose by sharing and engaging in the three vrats (or holy practices) along with our gang -

1. Learn to be simple and simpler. Do sadhana of silence and be ever contented inwardly without greed to even become a larger group to serve. Desire to serve should not lead us to claiming that we are great because we are getting bigger. In this case of arrogance, it is better to grow small and drop all activities that is helping us to grow arrogant. Growing big in service with a fattened ego is very dangerous to ourselves and the world.

2. We learn to love more and more and engage even opponents ( to our ways) with more love. Opponents are our biggest brakes no matter if they are doing it with pure selfishness. They are not yet satisfied with our genuineness to join us. They are our real tests of purity. They suffer a lot by taking the opposite stand to prove themselves right.

3. We share our wealth to empower the people around us taking other's interest as more important than ours.

Jai Guru Deva

Rishi Prabhakar

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