Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Can I Do? (From Teacher to Student)

Dear Self,

It is nice to receive your letter on giving time for old commitments and your inability to keep your new commitments that you desire.

I am sure that you will do what is appropriate. My life is very different from normal and it is easy for me to drop everything at anytime if I see greater possibilities by dropping. Droppping all for a greater, requires a lot of courage. I am willing to take a step into the unknown and unproven. I do it easily and that may be my strength.

We also need to continue the old, with people who are trained to do the old. Most people can not cope with all my upgrades. Many are happy with what they have learnt. I understand that. Sometimes brakes are required on me to let me know where the world is. I am always 40 years ahead and see what is required.

I bless you and everyone to be where ever they are. You are required both in the West as well the East. You will keep in touch from now on and progress. I have dropped having to have my organisation, my ashram, my teachers etc..

I can be the person to empower you and not hold you. You can see what to learn and what to apply and where. As long as we are working to make ourselves simple and ample and tune in to the needs of the least fortunate and learn to live happily in the same circumstances available to them, I am sure that you will progress to great heights. We can uplift

We can uplift everyone without causing any jealousy.

Now, I am learning SRI VIDYA. It is the knowledge of seeing God or approaching God through richness. We can make everyone around us wealthy. It starts with offering all of us to the other person. We have to keep this offering open by all those around us. The moment we become self centered, all that we have done is lost, causing envy. We learn to offer better and better things in life as a collective. Our strength naturally grows as we have a large energy coming from a bigger group. We can offer better things tomorow and this is how, the whole world is benefitted.

We will have plenty more as we take responsibility for greater things than before. I am sure that you will follow this route. We have nothing to lose by sharing and engaging in the three vrats (or holy practices) along with our gang -

1. Learn to be simple and simpler. Do sadhana of silence and be ever contented inwardly without greed to even become a larger group to serve. Desire to serve should not lead us to claiming that we are great because we are getting bigger. In this case of arrogance, it is better to grow small and drop all activities that is helping us to grow arrogant. Growing big in service with a fattened ego is very dangerous to ourselves and the world.

2. We learn to love more and more and engage even opponents ( to our ways) with more love. Opponents are our biggest brakes no matter if they are doing it with pure selfishness. They are not yet satisfied with our genuineness to join us. They are our real tests of purity. They suffer a lot by taking the opposite stand to prove themselves right.

3. We share our wealth to empower the people around us taking other's interest as more important than ours.

Jai Guru Deva

Rishi Prabhakar

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creativity and Ecstasy

Spontaneity and sincerity is natural to children. Habit is manifested by the practise of repeated routines aided by wrong beliefs and influences developed consistently over a sustained journey of life. Tradition - bound does not help break the boundary.

How to go beyond the boundaries of habit?

Creativity is going beyond habituated boundaries. Only those who can break the inner boundary of traditional limitation through consciousness and awareness can enter the zone of creativity.

Creativity emanates out of freedom -- free to think, free to experiment, free to lose, free to expand into the boundlessness of Universal Consciousness.

This Precious Moment----

Creative expression is instantaneous. A Stillness! It is not copied or imagined. It produces instant smile while just passing by. One just knows it.

When we gather in a spontaneous totally unplanned true joyous moment this precious moment happens - so unexplained - so instantly.

Most of the richest and successful Information Technology companies offer their employees with space for retreat, relax, and just chill.

Arousing the creative spirit----

Deeper you go into silence - greater is the creative flow.

The more you break the boundaries inside the more you break the limitations outside.

New possibilities naturally present themselves to the deeply silent joyous meditator.

Painting, sculpture, music, dance, trekking in nature and playing are the natural means to arouse the creative spirit. after periods of deep silence / meditation.

Integration of the outer and inner.

Greater the integration of the outer and inner, individual into the universal, greater is the capacity to express the inner wisdom as technology, art, music or dramatics.

Alternating deep silence with joyous activity brings integration. Ways of the wise are hard to comprehend for those who are not. Being centred within in the greatest silence opens opportunity to listen to the inner intuition. Something that touches deep inside becomes a new original expression outside and becomes an ecstatic experience.

Expressing the inexpressible

Creative people express the expressible...

  • Ecstasy captured on canvas is the art of painting.

  • Ecstasy captured in words is poetry.

  • Ecstasy captured in stone and mortar is architecture.

  • Ecstasy captured in plants and flowers is the art of gardening.

  • Ecstasy expressed by touch is the art of making love.

  • Ecstasy expressed by sound is the art of music.

  • Ecstasy expressed my movement is the art of dance.

  • Ecstasy expressed by taste is the art of cooking.

  • Ecstasy expressed by smell is the aromatics.

Did the painter have inner ecstasy first and then the art happened or the art happened resulting in ecstasy?

Did the inner ecstasy make the musician sing or the song brought the outpour of joy?

Association with arts and going into oneself, brings out the art in oneself - expression is instantaneous. It is not copied or imagined. It produces instant smile while just passing by. One just knows it.

When we gather in a spontaneous totally unplanned true joyous moment this precious moment happens - so unexplained - so instantly.

Everyone can experience Silence at different capacities and stages. The benefits are numerous - unexplainable - it is the beauty of the sunset / the rhythm in a true dancer / the tune - the musical notes in the mind of the composer .................................. Just Be Blissful - Practice of Kaya Kalpa Kriya brings you to experience this great joy.

-by Param Pujya Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar

-compiled by Teachers and Meditators of Kaya Kalpa Kriya / Science of Silence Yoga

Friday, June 18, 2010

100% Memory Program

An Introduction to Hundred – Percent Memory


Who does not want to be granted a hundred – percent memory ? The concept is appealing to students who are especially involved in studies that a modern day education throws up. Such a person who has acquired hundred percent memory will be able to exhibit the knowledge acquired during his study thoroughly in an examination and be prepared to take challenges, such an examination throws up.

It would not be difficult to acquire such a capability. However, techniques mastered by ancient scholars such as Rishis of India or great visionaries such as Socrates have to be brought in to acquire such a capability. Suffice to say that the two parts of the study – one, External and another, Internal- have to be understood to master the desired memory. When students understands this concept and puts it in practice, they will have a tool at hand that provides him with mastering hundred- percent memory.

What is Intelligence?

How do we define Intelligence? Normally, one attributes Intelligence to the common- sense a person has developed over a period of time and experience.

Let us look at the case of a student, who has passed a 7th standard examination and eligible to be admitted to 8th standard. What do we mean by a student passing 7th standard? It usually means that the student has acquired marks above 50% to be declared passed and promoted to next standard. What is the sanctity of this number of 50%? Why can’t this be 60%, 75 or even 100%?

Continuing on the same logic, one can conclude that a student having passed 7th standard will be in a position to read by himself the books of 8th standard, as the Standard of 7th standard would have laid foundation for understanding of 8th standard subjects. But rarely this is done and the student requires the assistance of a teacher to understand the subjects of the next class. The teacher, while teaching the new subject links it up with what the student has learned in the earlier class and thus provides a continuation that assists the student in bridging the gap and arriving at a logical conclusion.

What does Training do?

Now let us take an example of a student who has obtained first rank in Tenth standard and a first class graduate in physics. For all practical purposes, the tenth standard student would be considered more intelligent than a first class graduate in physics. Now if they are given a question paper containing questions from the syllabus from the final year of physics graduation course, the rank holder physics graduate may not be able to answer the questions.

In this example, one can see that the graduate in physics has scored over the Rank holder, who is expected to be far more intelligent. How did this happen? What has helped the graduate to do better than the rank holder?

The answer is --- Training. Training has contributed to the performance of the graduate who lacks in intelligence when compared to the rank holder. The additional years the graduate has spent in training him-self in the subject has helped him to score over the rank holder.

This proves that mere intelligence does not give you success. Training is essential, and hence superior to Intelligence. Training, thus, makes one overcome the deficiencies one has in intelligence and brings one at par with intelligence. If the external world has to evaluate a person based solely on intelligence, it would have conducted an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test and would have recruited the person for the specific task that it is looking for. But evaluation is done on degrees where a student has trained himself in acquiring certain degree of knowledge. A person can become smarter, even though he is not intelligent, by the virtue of training.

How about Memory?

Now let us take yet another example. Two people are trained, and have graduated in physics. One is a rank holder, and the other just about average. Due to the prevailing employment trends, the one who has acquired a rank joins a business firm and becomes a salesman. Whereas the other takes up a teaching and keeps in touch with the subject in which he has graduated. After a couple of years, if asked to take a test in physics, who do you think would score better grades?

You know that the teacher who is in constant touch with the subject due to his teaching career will be in a far better position to reply to these questions on the subject that they graduated than the rank holder turned salesman. The rank holder who was a smart guy during graduation has become a dumb person after a couple of years since he has forgotten the subject and unfit to be called a graduate in physics.

Thus one concludes; Training is more important than intelligence and Memory is more
important than training.

What ails the present system of Education?

Unfortunately the present day Education system emphasizes on temporary memory, rather than a permanent memory, which was a hallmark of a Gurukul - the ancient Indian system of education. A Vedic scholar learning Vedic text by this system would remember and recite the text in all its originality till the end of his last breath. This is the system under which we remember the rhymes learnt when we were children even to the end of our lifetime. The time, age, and disease does not change the memory implanted in the Vedic scholar or anyone who has used such system of learning. It is as if the memory has gone in to the depth of their genes and every cell in his body knows every single Mantra that they learnt and the way they are pronounced. Such a study goes in to the depth of a person's sub-conscious level. The study completed at the conscious level is prone to severe loss, whereas the study that has gone deep in to the sub conscious level does not erode or corrode. Such a study proposes education not through external gateways, but through internal journey that pass through your internal discovery, a discovery that needs profound understanding of your inner self.

As against the Vedic texts we talked about in the Gurukul system of education, we take on the modern day education of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which can be considered more mundane and more external in concept. When we combine these mundane subjects through the help of inner-self, we achieve great success. Such technique cannot be taught just five minutes earlier to examination. One has to practice and prepare one-self thoroughly before venturing into an examination, where his memory is fully tested.

Siddha Samadhi Yoga(SSY Program) delves into the depth of human consciousness and brings out in a person, the most efficient , intelligent and workable memory that is hundred-percent active.
Karna syndrome.

Most people from India or those who have studied Mahabharata know the great warrior Karna. They know how he met his end. He could not remember the Mantra taught by his Guru, at the nick of the time. He remembered the Mantra five minutes earlier, would have remembered five minutes later. But at that precise moment, he lost sight of the Mantra.

What really happened? And why he forgot the Mantra at the crucial moment? Even thought the Mantra was imbibed by Karna into his subconscious level, he forgot at the right time, when he needed it. In fact, this is a syndrome that - I call it the “Karna Syndrome”- that pegs all of us, especially the students. The children, know very well, what is to be written before the examination, and if asked after the examination, will be in a position to give appropriate answers. However, they fail to make use of this memory at the right time.

Why so? It is because, the conscious memory was disturbed. Like what happened to Karna- The wheel of his Chariot during the war at the most crucial moment got stuck in the mud. This is how external forces can play havoc when the student is answering a question paper. Thus the crux of the matter lies in the fact that the conscious mind has to be kept clear of any disturbance. How to keep it quiet? By practicing silence, in meditation keep your mind quiet before the start of the examination, may be for 10 minutes. Then the student enters into the state of Samadhi- (Silence) that of realm of only questions and appropriate answers. No external force shall disturb him to give out 100% memory performance. It is like a Surgeon entering the operation theater after checking that every bit of instrument is in place and he has to only concentrate on the job on hand.

Despite the use of technique, a student may get lesser marks; say 97; 98; or 95% This is due to the fact that one has to still use his or her intelligence. But look at the creditable performance the student has given. He has jumped from his earlier performance of 60 or 70%.


Siddha Samadhi yoga(SSY) has a program that increases the memory level of a person, who is especially involved in studies. 100% memory can be achieved by the techniques propounded by the sages of Gurukul (Ancient Indian school system). The study has to be imbibed in a person at the subconscious level. This system can be taught in every school to every student to acquire long term memory.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Our true identity: Consciousness

There is an internal life energy or Consciousness that resides in every particle of the universe, and is Omniscient (complete in knowledge). It is this Consciousness that,creates, sustains, motivates and transforms all living beings. We are born with this Consciousness, undertake the journey of life through it, and also move on to the unknown by this consciousness. This 'life energy' is the continuum and the constant within us, while all else is ever changing.

This is untouched by and separate from sense-based expressions of emotions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, taste and touch. This is the one "BEING - AWARENESS" that knows every thought, action, inaction within us- yet is silent, is an observer, watching over us like a loving mother- unique and singular in her love for each of her children. Like children we are distracted easily in the attractions of the world and it is role of that ‘Consciousness’ to use any possible tool to bring the child back to stay focussed / healthy.

Water,be it from a river or a well, is essentially the same. But due to exposure to certain minerals, water from one source may be different from that of another; and so may be for different uses-washing dishes, bathing, cooking, or on the brighter side mixed with herbs and used for healing. Through these different uses, texture of water may change but other elements of nature work together to help purify and replenish water to its original essential structure through the cycle of evaporation and rains, irrespective of whether it was exposed to chemical waste or used in healing water serves its purpose. Here water is the metaphor to speak about consciousness.

Our Consciousness is the witness to the demands of our senses, our mind and intellect.It has its purpose - to heal, to take us back home - to Contentment - Peace. It uses all of its power to shake the misunderstanding / pretences that cloud over. It gives all of its power to reveal itself – we only need to reconnect.

Reconnecting to our Consciousness
One way to restore the conditions is to use natural elements from within. Our physical body is embodied with 5 elements of nature. They have tremendous potency to heal everything in nature.

Getting in touch with the elements and triggering its power is the goal. Thankfully using the NATURE ever so gently is the beginning step to healing. Becoming one with them is the salvation. There are also powerful breathing exercises like 'Kaya Kalpa Kriya' that cleanse and activate the basic elements within us and replenish our body, mind and intellect, bringing clarity.

Clarity in thinking helps remembering and identifying ourselves with this Truth / Consciousness that we can relieve ourselves of all struggles - those struggles brought originally due to our limitless identifications with external possessions. All identifications with the external, is only a device to enhance our definition of 'me'. The more these artificial identifications fall, our definition of 'me' collapses into the one and only primordial - Consciousness / Awareness that which we may choose to call SOUL or GOD or NOBODY whatever we wish. From here life moves with nature and remember that nature is rich, bountiful and ever - giving. This is the path to true richness, inside and outside.

Let 'simple living' and being established and staying connected to our Consciousness be the guiding principle in our lives.

Kaya Kalpa Kriya (Life Regaining Program)
is a type of Yogic Breathing Exercise - created specially to reconnect us to our source.

-From teachings by Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar

Monday, June 14, 2010


All species on earth live in balance with nature, accepting what nature gives and working within these limits with the innate wisdom that this is the only way the planet can be sustained. All – except humans.

Impact of consumption on the planet
We see consumption as equivalent to economic success. However, consumption depletes natural resources at an alarming rate. The environment, the earth itself is paying heavily due to this uncontrolled plundering. This would lead to pain and destruction of all species. Our irresponsible, and self-serving action would destroy not only our species, but the entire planet, maybe even during our lifetime.

Impact of consumption on the individual
Limitless consumption and over indulgence (like over eating or watching too much TV) leads to restlessness, hurt and pain physically, mentally & spiritually. As we focus on immediate gratification, we also become fearful and anxious of losing it all. Fear absorbs and motivates us to be protective. The more we have, the more we want – we start to think that our existence and survival depends on those possessions . A sense of emptiness envelopes our mind and makes us feel less than whole. We feel insecure unless we get every new gadget, a bigger house, and a better vacation.

To counter this insecurity , we resort to either over eating or over extending credit facilities to own unwanted goods. Consumption blinds us and separates us from our inner resources of strength & power. We succumb to competition, disappointment and depression , disease & pain. To avoid pain we might resort to pain killers spiralling down to addiction and serious illness.

What motivates us to consume : Identity
We see ourselves as others see us: by our qualifications, by what we do, by what we have to offer to others, by our clothes, the color of our skin, and our looks. We define ourselves by the perceptions of others. Our likes and dislikes are based on this identity. And we run our lives in establishing, preserving and expanding this identity, acquiring and hoarding material possessions supporting that expansion, craving other external identifications that we do not possess. We become so absorbed in this that we slowly wander away from the inner connection with our true nature.

However, many people lost all of their identity, and continued to exist; taking on new identities in different places. If changed once, the identity can be changed all over again. So the question each of us needs to ask is : Is this who I am? Who am I? What is my true identity?

Discover the true identity in part 2 of this article.

Sunday, June 13, 2010



Silence is the beauty of the sunset, the rhythm in a true dancer,the musical notes in the mind of the composer.. Silence is our natural state, the state at the time of birth.

The Universe is an enormous volume of space holding various galaxies , systems of planets - holder of life. It is steady, stable and Silent. When we create SPACE within ourselves by sitting quietly by ourselves, it generates enormous energy within. Unperturbed by anything happening around, when we can 'Just be by ourselves', we energize ourselves. When we hold ourselves connected to that vast space of silence and stillness - everything in our mind has an opportunity to connect to this enormous source of energy.

How do you come to know that you have lost your Silence?

Level 1 - You cannot be quiet, in thought, speech and action.
Level 2 - You feel helpless and need others sympathy and support.
Level 3 - You start blaming others for what happened instead of feeling responsible.
Level 4 - You start being violent and others tell you to control yourself.

What to do when you feel disturbed?

1. Come back to Silence, do not speak or take action in disturbance.
2. If you cannot come back to Silence, leave the room and take time for the following- Do alternate nostril breathing for a few minutes and recover your poise. If poise is not attained in a few minutes of after this, retire to an open space a little far away and do Kaya Kalpa Kriya - a powerful exercise that cleanses your mind and body and purifies until you obtain your poise.

What is not the practice of Silence ?

1. Not talking to someone because you are angry with him.
2. Not expressing with words but using body language or other behavioural expressions.
3. Sitting still in one position uncomfortably.
4. Finding a place where you don’t hear anything.
5. Sitting in a place alone but watching all around or watching a film or listening to music, surfing aimlessly.
6. Chanting or repeating a mantra while your mind is wandering everywhere else.

What is the practice of Silence?

Witnessing any thought fully knowing there is neither a need to "React" nor a follow through required, is the practice of silence.

What is the difference between being in Silence and not being in Silence?

Being in Silence is just being aware of thoughts, knowing there is no particular action required at that moment
Not being in Silence is attending to thoughts and getting disturbed.

Gaining the ability not to be disturbed by what is happening outside is the Mastery in life. Most people disturb others when they are disturbed inside
A developed individual will go into silence first, rather than taking action in a perturbed mind.

How will you know that You are in Silence ?

1. You don't feel like opening the eyes.
2. You feel the body is empty.
3. You are not disturbed by thoughts or outside noise.
4. You feel free and past disturbances disappear.

Who & how can one practise Silence?
Everyone can experience Silence at different capacities and stages. Silence is easy when one is in the presence of another one who is silent.

Contributed by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar